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  • Glass renovate powder

    Glass Renovate

    Code : glassrenovate

    Glass Renovate powder For deep cleaning of glasses so that beer reatins its head Removes build up of water scale, detergent, rinse aid

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One of the most important elements of a commercial dishwasher is the detergent. It’s not just about getting the dishes and glasses clean, but keeping the commercial dishwasher working at its optimum performance. Dishwashers Direct stocks a huge range of detergents, which all have their own jobs to play in the mechanics of producing incredibly clean crockery. You will find branded detergents to work alongside your branded dishwashers, such as Maid 2 Wash “office” detergent, which is designed to remove tannin stains from mugs and cups left around the office.

Our biological drain cleaner is enzyme based and eats away grease and fat which builds up in kitchen dishwashers. You only need to use this in your drains and traps twice a week and it will keep the kitchen drain systems clean and smelling sweet. Our mixed box of premium detergents provides washing detergent and rinse aid to be used in all commercial dishwashers and is suitable for hard water areas.

If you use a low temperature dishwasher, Dishwashers Direct stock sanitiser and tannin stain remover, perfect for low temperature machines and businesses that need to clean numerous cups and mugs. We have specialist glass washer and rinse aid for bars, cafes and restaurants leaving your glass wear sparkling. We also stock descaler, which removes the build-up of lime scale inside commercial dishwashers and other appliances. If you want to keep the aluminium pots and pans looking their best, choose our Aluminium friendly detergent. Finally, we have Granular salt to soften water in commercial dishwashers.

Dishwashers Direct offers the best range of detergents for your commercial dishwasher, and specific products, which enhance the cleaning power of the dishwasher and ensure that your appliance is clean inside. If your dishwasher is dirty, your pots will be dirty.

If you need any advice on which detergents to use with your commercial dishwasher, or would like to ask about a certain product, don’t hesitate to contact Dishwasher Direct on 0800 7311 567

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