For years we have supplied excellent value Dishwash chemicals to accompany our glasswashers and dishwashers.
Our chemical manufacturers have worked tirelessly over the years to produce chemicals that are strong enough to work, but not too strong to cause damage to your kitchen ware and present a health hazard to your staff. So confident are we with what we offer, we GUARANTEE wash results if you buy your dishwasher and chemicals from us.
On top of all that, if you order by 1pm you will get your delivery the next working day by UPS.

So, as a reminder of what we dowhat it will now be called and the cost per 20 litres (4 x 5 litre bottles)

Was Now called Price Ex VAT – 20 litres
Maid-2-wash Dishwash detergent Aquatec Dishwash detergent £36
Maid-2-wash Dishwash Rinse aid Aquatec Dishwash Rinse aid £35
Maid-2-wash Low temperature sanitiser Aquatec Low temperature sanitiser £21
Maid-2-wash Glasswash detergent Aquatec Glasswash detergent £36
Maid-2-wash Chlorinated (10 office formula) Dishwash Liquid Aquatec Chlorinated Dishwash Liquid £50.50
Maid-2-wash Combination box 3 detergent & 1 rinse aid Aquatec Combination box - 3 detergent & 1 rinse aid £36
Maid-2-wash Combination box 2 detergent & 2 rinse aid Aquatec Combination box - 2 detergent & 2 rinse aid £36
Maid-2-wash 2 Glasswash detergent Aquatec 2 Glasswash detergent & 2 rinse Aid £36
Maid-2-wash Aluminium friendly commercial dishwashing detergent Aquatec Aluminium friendly commercial dishwashing detergent £40.50
Maid-2-wash Descaler Aquatec Descaler £43

So if you are an existing customer, don’t think you or us have made a mistake when it looks different when delivered. There will be some transition between old and new labelling but don’t worry we have sent you through the right product.
We also sell granular and tablet salt as you would expect AND other essential chemicals such as Biological enzyme Drain cleaner and Glass renovate.
If you’ve got the space and you are a high volume user, additional discounts are available for bulk purchases.
Call us to find out more or order on 0115 9613 720 or visit

written by David Teasdale