A few months ago this writer reported about FATBERGS being reported in London and Cardiff. Caused by F.O.G.S – fats, oils and greases predominantly from businesses.

BBC News reported on the 15 January 2016 that this is happening again, in Bedfordshire this time...

“Fatbergs' being removed from Houghton Regis pipeline

A series of "fatbergs" stuck along a 100m-long (328ft) pipeline in Bedfordshire are being removed by Anglian Water.

A specialist robot with a high-pressured jet has been imported from The Netherlands for the job in Houghton Regis - the first time it has ever had to be used in East Anglia.

There are still a few days' work left to remove the fat, which has set like concrete over some years, despite the job starting on Monday.

Anglian Water has warned about people pouring fat down the sink, saying blockages cost bill payers £15m a year”

Link to the article on BBC News.

The bottom line is this. The water companies will get their costs back via customers bills AND they will target low hanging fruit. Business they deem to be large potential producers of F.O.G.S and there is evidence of this already happening.

The first targets are - Shopping centres and their tenants

On the basis of feedback from our customers its clear that the first targets are going to be the shopping centres because of the amount of catering establishments in them. What is clear is that Shopping centre Landlords are now aggressively pursuing a F.O.G.S free policy for all of their tenants. 

Catering Tenants that will have to watch out

Any tenant that provides food for the customer will become a target – including Restaurants, Coffee shops, Snack bars, Take-aways which have sinks and/or a commercial dishwasher, which don’t have a Fats Oils or greases solution.

 What’s the best solution?

It depends! on the standards that are set by the consultant in charge of advising the Shopping centre. Here’s what you may encounter as a catering business. The standard required and the machine that meets it.

  • EN 1825 Parts 1 & 2 – European Standard For Passive Traps
  • CSA B481 Series 12 – Hydro Mechanical Greasetraps and Passive Greasetraps
  • PDI G101 – Hydro Mechanical Greasetraps and Passive Greasetraps
  • ASME A112.14.3-2000 - Hydro Mechanical Greasetraps and Passive Greasetraps
  • ASME A112.14.4.2001 - Grease Interceptors equipped with automatic grease removal devices (GRDs).

Still confused? Call 0115 9613720 or visit http://www.dishwashers-direct.com/ancillary-equipment/greaseshield-reg to find out what you might need.

written by David Teasdale