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Krupps Dishwashers

Krupps are a relative new comer in the UK they have been supplying quality ware-washers into the Eurozone and Russia since 1964. KRUPPS market themselves as a Hobart equivalent in terms of quality, features and innovation. The dishwashers have multiple wash functions, quality components and money saving water, energy and detergent eco- features.

KRUPPS machines have a digital display and certain models feature the innovative i-Kloud function which allows the user and service partners to monitor usage, diagnose faults and control functionality.

These high-tech machines make it easy to control wash cycles and temperatures with intuitive electronic displays; with varied machines and wash cycles available, a Krupps dishwasher can wash anywhere between 6 and 40 baskets an hour, depending on your requirements. Thanks to double skinned insulated doors which help to keep the noise out, many of these machines are ideal for front of house use too.

A Krupps dishwasher is manufactured to last, with reliability and performance at the foundation of the brand. We’re proud to supply the Eiltech and Soft lines of these premium machines, and offer delivery and installation nationwide.

If you’d like any more information on our range of Krupps dishwashers, contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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