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Smeg Commercial Dishwashers

We’re pleased to provide a great selection of Smeg commercial dishwashers. Smeg are a leading consumer white goods brand and they bring all of their knowledge, quality and expertise to their commercial offering. Depending on your requirements, they’re capable of washing anywhere between 15 and 70 baskets an hour.

Smeg is a brand synonymous with style, and its distinctiveness extends to its professional and commercial offering. Here you’ll find Italian-made, advanced machines offering the very latest in commercial dishwashing technology.

Within the Smeg professional dishwasher range, both the ECOLINE and TOPLINE models are designed to boost performance whilst reducing consumption of water and chemicals, not only saving you money but helping the environment too. Every Smeg commercial dishwasher has double-skinned doors to assist with noise insulation, and their compact undercounter size makes them the ideal solution for commercial kitchens such as bars, pubs and restaurants.

Our expert advisers are always on hand to offer advice on which of our Smeg commercial dishwashers would be right for your needs. If you’re unsure which of these is right for your kitchen, get in touch with us today and we’d be happy to help.

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