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Extremely Robust and Built to Last

CMA warewashing machines are designed for the realities of a busy working kitchen. These are environments defined by high staff turnovers, variable skill levels, and the occasional rough use of machines.

But these robust dishwashers can be depended on to provide consistently excellent high wash results. Hour after hour, week after week, year after year, they just keep going.

We have CMA Dishwashers that are approaching their third decade of continuous use. Having performed over a million washes, they’re still going strong.

High Performance 24/7

We call this our 24/7 washer. Time and time again, in numerous schools, large venues, conference centres, restaurants and coffee shops, they’ve proven their ability to run through multiple services 7 days a week, without the need for interruptions or services.

Less goes wrong with the CMA dishwasher. That’s why we offer a 5 year parts and labour warranty as standard. You’ll probably never need to use it, but even if you do, the repair is likely to be quick and straightforward.

Not even the most expensive premium dishwasher brands offer 5 year warranties. This is because they don’t have sufficient confidence that their products will last that long.

We’re the only dishwasher specialists to offer 5 year warranties. It proves that we have total faith in this machine thanks to decades of reliable operation for thousands of satisfied customers.

Better Than Most Dishwashers

To maintain a high wash temperature, most high volume machines have to make use of recycled water and large, power-hungry heating elements.

But the CMA achieves the impossible: No heat up time between washes, and with completely fresh water used for every single wash, all while using less power in the process.

This is because where most dishwashers use two chemicals, the CMA uses three. As well as the standard detergent and rinse aid, it also uses a sanitiser.

This sanitiser makes it possible to get great results at lower temperatures, and it also takes care of the more stubborn stains – such as tannins in coffee mugs.

World Class Hygiene Standards

If your dishwasher uses recycled water, bits of food will inevitably remain in the wash water. So after a few cycles, you’ll effectively be washing your dishes in dirty water.

It’s only through using fresh water every time that you can guarantee world class hygiene standards.

The CMA uses fresh water for every wash, so it remains hygienic even after extensive use. But because it rinses at lower temperatures, it uses significantly less power than almost any other machine.

It washes at a temperature that’s hot enough for hygienic results, but low enough to keep the electric bills down.

Refreshingly Low Tech

Despite being one of the best dishwashers money can buy, the CMA is surprisingly low tech. But for most kitchens, low tech is best tech.

Anybody can master the use of this machine in seconds. Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Switch it on
  2. Press a button
  3. Open the hood
  4. Slide the basket in
  5. Close the hood
  6. Wait 90 seconds


The entire process takes just 90 seconds. And there’s no drain down time at the end of a service, so the maintenance and cleaning schedule couldn’t be easier.

The sheer simplicity of use will be a welcome relief in every high pressure kitchen environment.

Faster Washes with Less Energy

90 second washes, time after time, with no interruption.

But the CMA Dishwasher doesn’t just wash faster. It also washes smarter.

Most dishwashers wash at 60°C and rinse at 85°C. The amount of power required to heat the water for rinsing will have a significant impact on your electricity bills.

But the CMA Dishwasher washes and rinses at 60°C. Combined with its unique blend of three sanitising chemicals, this is hot enough to sanitise and dry kitchen ware. But it uses 37% less power on the rinse cycle than almost any other machine.

A handy energy saving switch will automatically power the machine down when not in use, helping you to save even more.

A Dishwashers Direct Exclusive

Don’t bother shopping around. The CMA Dishwasher is made in the US, and we’re the exclusive UK supplier.

We get a new batch delivered every few weeks, so we always have some models in stock. We make a point of keeping ourselves stocked up in spare parts too. So in the ultra-rare event that your machine should break down – and trust us, this almost never happens with this machine – we’ll likely be able to get you up and running again within 24 hours.

For decades of high quality, high volume service, the CMA Dishwasher should be your only choice. It’s more effective than a rack conveyor, and significantly cheaper too.

Give us a call, and we’ll tell you about some of our high profile clients who have transformed their operations with a CMA Dishwasher.

Call now on 0115 9613 720, or email

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