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A rack conveyor dishwasher is designed with a high volume washing capacity from 70-400 racks an hour.

Our rack conveyors
We offer a extensive range of rack conveyors from a number of world class original equipment manufacturers to suit various budgets and individual business needs. With wash capacities from 70 to 400 baskets an hour (280-1600 covers/hr) these warewashers are perfect for canteens, catering hire businesses and other high volume operations. There are also numerous options to enhance results or make your operation more efficient - including prewashers, driers, energy saving devices, osmosis units for glassware, roller and mechanized tables and many more useful features. Also, quite uniquely, we will guarantee your wash results if you buy a warewasher, water softener, and washing detergents from us, for the period of your warranty. This includes extended warranty periods.

Our survey and planning service
We offer a free no obligation full survey and planning service to ensure that the solution is tailored to your business needs. Should you decide to buy, rent or lease your warewasher from us we will then undertake a full technical survey prior to installation, to ensure that everything is absolutely correct and you get the results you want from day one.

Meaningful warranties 
All the machines we offer come with meaningful parts and labour warranties. Which is either serviced by us or the manufacturer. Don’t be fooled by low cost machines that offer limited warranties – you will pay extra in the end.

Additional products
One of the most important products needed with the rack conveyor is an ergonomically d
esigned tabling system. This can be quite simple with standard length tables and sinks or more involved with bespoke roller/mechanized tables and prewash areas to suit your particular operation. Most locations in the UK have hard water and therefore a water softener is essential to protect your warewasher, reduce detergent consumption and eliminate marks from your glasses. If you have a special requirement for extra clean glassware then a reverse osmosis unit is essential. Conveyor dishwasher baskets are generally 500cm X 500cm. We carry a large stock of baskets/racks which you can choose from - open baskets, to place any item in, or baskets designed to hold specific items like plates, bowls, glasses, pots, pans, cutlery and utensils. 

We source from world class original equipment manufacturers and supply all of the additional components that make up a warewashing solution. 

Ongoing support
We also offer on-going support for the lifespan of the equipment with warranty and service packages, backed up with a spare parts service and our engineers who between them have decades of experience. We also offer a quick response in the rare event you have a breakdown.

If you require a high-capacity conveyor dishwasher, contact us today to discuss the machine that would best suit your requirements.

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