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Welcome to our commercial refrigeration collection from Fosters designed for almost every catering situation.

If you’re in the hospitality industry, food manufacture industry or have a kitchen onsite within your company you’ll understand the importance of high quality commercial refrigeration. You need something you can trust to work without interruption and produce outstanding results. We source from trusted suppliers with a strong pedigree in refrigeration to meet this brief.

Your commercial fridge is one of your kitchen’s most critical assets; without it, you can’t prepare, serve or store your stock. We have selected the trusted Fosters Brand to provide us with commercial refrigeration units, freezers, chillers and display fridges that have been designed to offer a solution for any type of business need.

You also need to be conscious of the energy costs associated with keeping food cool in the hot ambient temperatures in which you work every day. Smart temperature controllers ensure that your fridge works to keep stock cool when you need it most – and they can idle in less busy periods to conserve energy. Many of the models also feature real-time digital temperature displays to aid in compliance with regulatory standards such as HACCP.

We feature a range of Foster's best-selling product which likely will fit your need. That said if you want another of the Fosters product then just give us a call.

There is 12 months Interest Free credit available on all Fosters products and 2 years manufacturers warranty

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