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Baskets and Drip trays

When it comes to using a commercial dishwasher, crockery, glasses, pots and pans need to be loaded into specifically designed baskets to keep them in place and allow the hot water and detergent to pass over them and wash them properly. At Dishwashers Direct, we stock a range of sizes of different baskets for you to use in your commercial dishwashers.

500cm X 500cm is our biggest sized basket, and you’ll find a huge range in this size, from glass baskets with individual compartments that hold 16, 20, 25, 36 or 44 glasses at a time, perfect for a busy bar or small café.

We stock an open cutlery tray where you simply lay out the cutlery, this is perfect for washing large volumes of cutlery and obtaining a clean sparkling finish.

If you need plate racks, and baskets for bowls or cups you will find everything you need in the large 500cm X 500cm size here. We also offer trolleys, which allow you to slot in the baskets when the crockery is clean, ready to be sorted and re stored.

You will find a wire plate basket, sized 450cm X 450cm that is plastic coated and allows for several large plates or many smaller plates.

Our 400cm X 400cm range of baskets includes a slanting glass stacker, plate rack and utensils wrack. We also stock drip trays for glass wear, allowing them to cool and dry with no streaking.

Our smallest basket is 350cm X 350cm. Perfect for smaller commercial dishwashers. We stock an open glass basket in this size, perfect for smaller bars and cafés.

Not only do we stock baskets for your commercial dishwasher, but trolleys enabling you to stack your dirty or clean crockery so it’s out of the way and organised, ready to go into the washer or be put away.

For any more information and advice about which size basket to purchase, do not hesitate to contact us at Dishwashers Direct on 0115 9613 720.

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