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Water Softeners

Hard water can cause many problems, especially for businesses in the hospitality industry that rely heavily on a good water supply, for their dish and glass washers. Hard water can interfere with soaps, often resulting in crockery not washing properly, or appearing dirtier than when you first put it into wash. It can also build up limescale, which can impair or damage components of your machine in the long run. These issues can easily be prevented by the installation of a water softener, which will reduce the concentration of calcium, magnesium and other ions that are found in hard water. Purchasing a water softener will save you costs in the long run, as it’s much more inexpensive than replacing dishwasher parts, or buying a brand new machine.

For manual and integral water softeners, you will need granular salt.
For automatic water softeners you will need tablet salt.
Using the wrong type of salt will break your water softener. If you are unsure, please call in on 0115 9613 720 for advice.

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