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    One solution to dealing with waste management is a grease trap, a plumbed in metal box which helps to prevents FOGs from entering the waste water disposal system. Although a grease trap will do a reasonably good job keeping your pipes clean; time and money needs to be spent cleaning and maintaining the device, and if its not the right size it won’t capture all of your FOG’s. This is where the optimal solution of the award winning GreaseShield® comes in. Not only does the GreaseShield® trap grease, it self-cleans without using heating elements or additional chemicals thus saving you money on your running costs.

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We offer 4 types of GreaseShield® solutions, the GS125-Eco-PF, GS160-Eco-PF, GS1000-PF or the GS1850-Eco-PF. To ensure you select the right solution for your environment, please call us to arrange a site survey.

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