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i-connect represents the next generation of connected capital equipment.

Equipment doesn’t always operate at peak efficiency and occasionally it breaks down. This is real operation life.

From a response in days to a response in minutes

So what happens when you get a breakdown? You phone an engineer. And the reality is that this can take anything from a few hours to a few days to respond… and if you’re in the middle of service then this can be a real problem.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get instant response for a good proportion of problems?

i-connect allows us to quickly see what your machine is doing and if necessary make some immediate changes to fix the problem straight away. We can alter up to 24 parameters remotely to fix or optimise your machine.

i-connect allows us to better diagnose problems remotely too. So even if we can’t fix the problem instantly we will be often be able to determine if you can solve the problem on site, or we can make sure that our engineer is fully aware what he has to solve when he arrives.

i-connect also allows us and therefore you to understand how your machine is being used, operating and consuming hour by hour and day by day. As a business owner or manager in charge, insights into how your valuable equipment is being used by the operators can be a valuable management tool.

You can choose from a large array of warewashers which have these features all from either the Aquatec or Krupps Brands. See below or call us on 0115 9613720 to find out more

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