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Here at Dishwashers Direct we understand your need to fix your appliances as quick as possible, so to help you with this we ensure that we have the right spare parts available for you to purchase in times of need. If it’s detergent dosing equipment that you’re after then we have all the necessary parts ranging from a simple connecting tube to an external detergent pump fixing kit. We also stock a range of dishwasher hoses, for when you’re in need of a replacement. If you’re looking for something extra to make the washing process that little bit easier we also stock a pre-wash spray unit.

Dishwashers Direct sell a variety of different types of dishwashers, which have been produced by a range of different brands. We ensure that we stock parts made by each of these brands so that you are able to find a spare part that fits the dishwasher that you originally purchased. Brands include: Aristarco/Kastel, Carlton/Maid2Wash, CMA, Elframo, Kromo and Univerbar. We also stock a range of universal and miscellaneous parts, just in case your dishwasher isn’t made by one of the previously named brands.

If you’re unsure about what part you need to fix your dishwasher, or you can’t seem to find the right solution for your breakdown, please don’t hesitate to contact us at for a quote or feel free to phone in on 0115 9613 720.

If you need a laundry spare - we can call upon our database of over 200,000 spares to find you the right one and delivery to you in a few working days - just contact us at

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