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  • About Dishwashers Direct

    A dishwasher is never just a dishwasher. It’s an integral part of your business. After all, if your dishwasher breaks down it’s likely to affect the smooth running of your organisation, whether you’re running...

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  • Our Service

    It’s simple really, but because we believe in helping you do what you do best, we’ll take the time to listen to your unique needs and advise you on what kind of dishwashing solution is right for you, and why.

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  • Our Range

    We stock a wide range of commercial dishwashers designed for an equally wide range of commercial uses. Even if you know the kind of machine you’re looking for, we’d recommend that you give us a call to discuss...

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  • Specialist Commercial Dishwashers

    If you run a busy commercial kitchen it’s likely that you’ll need a machine tailored to meet your specific needs. Here at Dishwashers Direct we don’t believe you should have to ‘make do’ with any old dishwasher ...

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